Ryan Reynolds Shares First Look Of Josh Brolin As Cable In 'Deadpool 2'

We’ve already seen what Atlanta actress Zazie Beetz is looks like in her roll as Domino and now Ryan Reynolds has shared what a scary looking Josh Brolin makes as the mutant Cable. Reynolds again used his social media to drop two new images of Brolin, fully scarred and completely intense.
Josh Brolin looks different from any of his previous roles and is far removed from looking like a Goonies cast member.  In the first image we see, Brolin is holding his finger to his lips as he’s hushing his fans probably not to give anything away, and in the second image, we get a gun totting Cable with a full body shot. His mechanical arm is in full view and strapped to his side is his childhood teddy bear. Hardcore fans will understand its symbolism there. It seems things are about to get real
‘DEADPOOL’ 2 trailer