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Almost as scary as your Facebook feed. 

There are many reasons that we watch slasher films. Sometimes we are looking for a good chuckle paired with an exciting storyline. Other times, we watch them because it’s cold outside, and they provide an element of nostalgia and it’s an activity that justifies the intake of popcorn. There are rare times, as well, when the slasher speaks to us about social issues. Shudder’s new feature film, Influencer, serves a perfect balance of entertainment and social commentary as it highlights amazing cinematography and a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.  

In the first act of the movie, we are introduced to Madison, a social media influencer who has taken a trip to Thailand, where she is stood up by her boyfriend. Although Madison is spending her time taking selfies and making videos to document the amazing time she is having, we can see that she is actually spending her time alone at a resort that is less exotic than she presents it to be and might as well be in Florida. This all changes when she meets CW at a bar. CW becomes her new best friend as she caters to her curiosities and offers her a new perspective on Thailand.  

     As the story progresses, suspense drives its audience into classic slasher mode in the style of films like The Stepfather and The Crush. Influencer is perhaps the most successful execution that I have seen in the genre of social media horror. While this film may not strike the deepest chord for lovers of arthouse horror enthusiasts, it does an excellent job of speaking to a wider audience of casual horror fans with modern themes and suspense.  

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