Wish You Were Here Shares "Come Find Me"

Wish You Were Here is the moniker of LA-based musician Jesse Barnett and today he’s sharing his brand new single, “Come Find Me.” The track follows Wish You Were Here’s debut single, “No Say” and is another fantastic preview of the project’s compelling sound. Like many of Barnett’s songs, “Come Find Me” is rooted in simple guitar lines and warm vocal melodies that are built upon to create a lush arrangement that utilizes understated drums, atmospheric guitar flourishes, and layered harmonies to great effect. It’s an impressive, fully realized sound, and another exciting preview of what Wish You Were Here has in store.
Barnett describes “Come Find Me” saying, “This is a song about feeling trapped by people who think that they know what’s best for you.  Sometimes it’s better to cut ties than to let yourself get dragged down, even if it’s difficult or feels harsh.”