William Elliot Whitmore Live

Phoenix, AZ – William Elliot Whitmore loves his fans. He lets himself drown in them while entertaining every single one. He stands by the front door of the Rebel Lounge venue, greeting everyone that passes the 21 and older checkpoint. His fist never unclenches his cerveza. He smiles nonstop. He has yet to sell his soul to the industry.
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Whitmore is a farmboy. He knew he could sing by the time he began talking. As he explains. “It’s just something I did to pass the time while working the fields.” His music has a dark aspect, but not from his perspective. The “Old Devils”, the whiskey, the shallow graves, it all ties in to the beauty of the Midwest. It’s as religious as it is sinful.

In Whitmore’s latest album, Radium Death, he has gone from solo blues to full band. It’s the next step to his musical transgression. But have no doubt, wherever he goes with his music, he will always be the farmboy with the deep, soulful voice of liquid gold. Whitmore is currently on tour, making his way through Texas, Missouri, and Iowa. – Tamara Stanger