Wake Magnolia Shares Emotional Single ”Bruiser”

Akron, Ohio’s two-piece outfit Wake Magnolia seizes your attention by producing ruminating energy.  Mixing fuzz and thick guitar tones and an ever booming presence vocally, Nick Galbincea (guitar/vocals) and Adam Miller (drums) together create breathtaking dirty melodic/alternative rock.

Today Wake Magnolia shares their latest single “Bruiser.”  The hollowing guitar riffs become ferocious along with Galbincea’s soaring vocals.

Galbincea said on the single: “Bruiser” is a song about pain. Specifically the emotional pain directed from someone who you loved. A person who you once shared countless wonderful and unforgettable memories with. The type of pain that cuts so deep that you absolutely believe that you will never recover from it. So many people have experienced this kind of pain in a variety of different ways from their family, friends, relationships, and even childhood. “Bruiser” is a song about overcoming this pain. The realization that from the shadows must come light. For me personally, “Bruiser” was written about an ex-lover, whom I shared beautiful memories with. However her love turned to condescending remarks, anger, degrading of my physical appearance, goals, and dreams, and eventually hatred. The chorus of “Bruiser” is directed at “staying sober” from people like this in our lives, and the realization that no matter how much pain someone causes you, that forgiveness is the only true way to move forward in life.”