Top Ten of Twenty Twelve: Charles Albright (The Readymades)

Recorded over a decade ago in the legendary loft space by Chris Woodhouse (Mayyors, Karate Party), The Readymades’ I’m A Man, I’m A Flower record got shelved as the band imploded and members went on to more stable projects.  However, thanks to the efforts of Mt. St. Mtn., the record (limited to 100 copies) ships in just two weeks.  For those lucky enough to get an ear on this thing, expect this: “Greg Ginn joins the early Kinks and borrows Henry’s Dress’ equipment to do covers off the first Redd Kross record. Howling cave-stomp punk with film of chattering white noise and the best of the Woodhouse treatment.”
Sample some a couple of tracks here:, while perusing the top 10 list of releases for the year from The Readymades’ Charles Albright.  Check it:
Monoshock, Walk to Fire 2XLP, SS Records
Heavy, Brutal fucked up and freaked out. Buy ten copies.
Fine Steps, Boys & Co. LP, Song Records
I make a lot of jokes about this generations fascination with reverbed out pop tunes, but this record made me feel guilty for complaining. Ah, the joys of getting older.
Outlook, Our Time is Now LP, self-released
“Youth Crew” style lady fronted band from Olympia. I came for the intensity and stayed for the songs!
Monster Treasure, MT ep CASSETTE, Squirmy Records & Phono Slect Records
Best thing to come out of Stockton in years. Dinosaur meets Breeders style noise pop jams with lady singing. My favorite tape of the year!
No Statik, self-titled 45ep, Prank Records
Great heavy thrash punk band from the bay area.
Replica, demo FLEXI, unknown label.
Part of the Replica/No Statik/Permanent Ruin family that is ruling the bay area. Replica is a force live and this flexi is a slam dunk!
English Singles, Disaster, Squirmy Records
Everything Scott Miller touches turns to pop.
Permanent Ruin, Hell is Real, Adelante Discos
Loud, fast and chaotic, The singer has an amazing voice.
Spray Paint, Spock Fingers, SS Records
Great off kilter Texas band. Love the guitar tone.
Bad Influence, Wars No Fun demo (1983), Who Cares Records?.
Great French Record label putting out really cool old American and European punk. Bad influence is a great bay area american HC band that nobody probably remembers.