Top Ten of Twenty Thirteen: The Flail and The Wrathe of Outer Gods

In July, Atlanta post-blackened noise duo Outer Gods joined forces with eclectic label imprint Domestic Genocide for the release of their Light Dims Eternal debut. Recorded by the band and mastered by James Andrew, they offered up five sordid tones of torment, conjuring an absorbing audio voyage for their dismal soundscapes that was as corrosive as it was cathartic.
Ghettoblaster recently talked to The Flail and The Wrathe of Outer Gods about the most devastating releases of 2013.  This is what they cited:
The Flail:
1: “Harnasie; Stabat Mater” by Karol Szymanowski (Lucy Crowe, Pamela
Helen Stephen, Edward Gardener, BBC Symphony Orchestra)
2: “Chromanotron” by Nurse With Wound
3: “Bloodlands” by Ash Borer
4: “Runjold-Yggdrasil” by Wardruna
5: “Return to Annihalation” by Locrian
6: “All Uproarious Darkness” by Vasaeleth
7: “Afelan” by Mdou Moctar
8: “The Earth Wants Us Dead” by Sea of Bones
9: “Demon Haunted World” by Onibaba
10: “Ernste Gesänge & Sonata Op. 1” by Hanns Eisler (Thomas Larcher, piano)
The Wrathe:
1. Lustmord “The Word as Power” by Lustmord
2. “Return to Annihilation” by Locrian
3. “Coming Apart” by Body/Head
4. “No Answer: Lower Floors” by Wolf Eyes
5. “Bloodlands” by Ash Borer
6. “Soma” by Windhand
7. “Only God Forgives OST” by Cliff Martinez
8. “Mind Control” by Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats
9. “Abandon” by Pharmakon
10. “Last City Zero” by Corrections House
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