Toilet Rats Announce IV, Share “Carol Kane”

Minneapolis’ Toilet Rats, a grimy and entertaining synth punk project conceived and performed by Tommy Ratz, release IV on all major streaming platforms and Bandcamp on March 3 (and on cassette via Steadfast Records).

Tommy Ratz is allegedly an elusive character who allegedly operates out of a small studio in the sewers beneath Minneapolis, Minnesota where he is surrounded by synthesizers, guitars, and fast food wrappers. Unable to get internet or television signals in the sewer, Ratz collects discarded VHS tapes, audio cassettes, and discarded brochures, which inform his sense of reality and worldview. As a result, he is regularly expectant of national threats that have long passed, and wildly behind on trends and cultural norms… Because he listens to discarded cassette tapes to satiate his musical cravings, Toilet Rats music influences and output is an amalgamation of synth pop, thrash metal, and spaghetti western soundtracks.”

In reality, Tommy Ratz is a pseudonym for Thomas Rehbein, who has played with Minneapolis bands Naive Sense, Farewell Continental, Robosapien, and Small Towns Burn A Little Slower, and others. He has also produced recordings for artists such as Justin Courtney Pierre (of Motion City Soundtrack), Party House, and Zaq Baker, to name a few.

Toilet Rats shares the video for “Carol Kane,” which references the film When A Stranger Calls. Watch the video here.

From the rest of the record, one can expect a combination of a variety of musical influences ranging from Jawbreaker, DEVO, Nine Inch Nails, Jawbox, Depeche Mode, Ennio Morricone, Lard, Run DMC, Ramones, Powerplant, and others with lyrics primarily inspired by vintage horror and sci-fi movies to create a succinct rock album that, though well produced, never takes itself too seriously.

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Photo by Dena Denny