Tianna Esperanza Drops Latest Single “Princess Slit and the Raincoat Price”

Tianna Esperanza embodies a depth of talent and heart well beyond her 21 years. With a sultry voice and flair for fashion, she creates compelling music inspired by legendary artists such as Nina Simone, Public Enemy, and Gil Scott-Heron. Esperanza also happens to be the granddaughter of punk legend Paloma (“Palmolive”) McLardy, who founded the London-based 1970s all-girl punk band The Slits and later played with The Raincoats.

On “Princess Slit and the Raincoat Prince,” the third single from her upcoming debut album for BMG, Esperanza leans into these roots while also paying tribute to individuality and the freedom to dress, act, look and however your heart desires.

“I am so proud to have been raised around such bad-ass women like The Slits and Raincoats,” Esperanza says. “I wanted to write a song that was an homage to my punk roots and one that celebrates queerness.”

In the accompanying video, directed by Peter Collins Campbell, Esperanza and her friends frolic indoors until they smash through the walls and continue the party on a nearby golf course. After a chaotic road trip on a golf cart, the video ends after dark with them looking upward at brightly lit skyscrapers, illuminating a path of possibility for the friends following a day of anarchic fun.

“Princess Slit and the Raincoat Prince” follows Esperanza’s earlier singles “Lewis” and “Terror,” both of which have drawn praise from several acclaimed outlets.

Photo Courtesy: Shervin Lainez