Throwback Thursday: Techno Animal

Techno Animal had nothing to do with “Techno” but it was an animal of a different sort. The group was/is cathartic, with heavily distorted beats, loaded with dissonance, and just simply extreme in its delivery. They were an industrial Hip-Hop group that gave no fucks and delved right into creating sounds that intrigued. The group formed in 1990 when both Kevin Martin of industrial metal band God joined forces with Justin Broadrick of Godflesh. It was obvious the duo shared interests in something more challenging and different, exploring samples to develop their music.
The group released six albums but the last album the duo pieced together was 2001’s The Brotherhood Of The Bomb (Matador), was a liberating exploration in sound. It struck a chord with both industrial rockers and Hip-Hop junkies, blending their distorted beats with renowned rappers like Antipop Consortium, Rob Sonic, dälek, El-P, Vast Aire, and others. If there was ever something fresh and new, it was this album. When the duo first started out, it was with no intent to play live but as with life, things change. The Brotherhood Of the Bomb was Techno Animal’s last release and they continued to perform sporadically up until this year. I doubt that we’ll every see another Techno Animal release, considering Kevin Martin announced back in March that he and Broadrick have embarked on a new project called ZONAL but until we hear more music, we can all bask in the glory that was The Brotherhood Of The Bomb.



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