Song Premiere: The High Priest HPRIZM Returns With The New Track "Break The Body Down"

HPRIZM has been one busy man. But really, members of the Antipop Consortium have never been ones to slow down at any moment. HPRIZM, also known as High Priest, is set to release Magnetic Memory (Don Giovanni Records) in one month’s time November 23, 2018. It comes on the heels of his 9-song instrumental release, Catching A Body, possibly one of the more profound releases this year.
Now With Magnetic Memory, HP is back with lyrical dynamics and cataclysmic beats.  Today he shares the new single “Break The Body Down,” which gives listeners clear evidentiary facts on a future classic.
The new album was composed and recorded throughout last year, and with the new album, he was able to reconnect with a more traditional approach to sampling.  HPRIZM re-embraces a familiar aesthetic. Of the track and the album, HPRIZM says, “This is for the culture, for real, with love.”

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