Throwback Thursday: June Of '44

Many will agree that with music today, most everything is derivative. There are those few that take chances and they’re acknowledged for it, for better or worse. There were groups that took more than one or two chances when it came to writing and recording music. One of the most notable acts was June Of ’44, a band which was formed in 1994 from ex-members of Rodan, Rex, Lungfish, and Hoover. The band – Jeff Mueller, Doug Scharin, Fred Erskine, Sean Meadows –  combined elements of experimental jazz, ambient dub, and post-punk to create something unique and addictive. The group eventually disbanded in 1999, but not before releasing four astonishing albums, Engine Takes To The Water (1995), Tropics And Meridians (1996, Four Great Points 1998), and Anahata (1999).
June Of ’44 was more than just a Henry Miller title, they were a group of talented musicians who changed the landscape of the music scene they played in. Although comparisons throughout the years would range from Slint to Tortoise, there isn’t a doubt the band was unique in its approach to sound.