The Zolas Share Single “Another Dimension (Feat. Cadence Weapon)”

Vancouver-based The Zolas release their first new single of 2021 with today’s “Another Dimension (feat. Cadence Weapon).”  Discussing the tracks genesis and then the collaboration with the Toronto-based rapper The Zola’s Zach Gray says:

“We were in the studio tripping out on what it will feel like when it’s possible to properly get together and go big in the city again. The song came together super quickly and we found ourselves with a future post-pandemic squad track; clattering around the city draped all over each other, descending into throbbing after hours full of weirdos. I sent it to Cadence Weapon who I’ve known mostly through my brother and the Montreal scene and he jumped on right away. Everyone’s in the same headspace where we know it’s gonna happen but right now it still feels like another dimension.”   

Cadence Weapon: “When I wrote my verse for ‘Another Dimension,’ I pictured myself as a futuristic street preacher proselytizing about a dystopian future that has slowly become our present reality. I wanted to be the voice of the omniscient being whose face looms from a giant telescreen in the film version of 1984.”