Cadence Weapon Shares “My Computer” Feat. Machinedrum

Cadence Weapon unveils a new single/video, “My Computer,”, from his forthcoming album,  ROLLERCOASTER (MNRK Music), arriving April 19th. Featuring bombastic production from American electronic producer Machinedrum, “My Computer” is a track about being sucked into the modern-day information wormhole, presented with an in-your-face, glitch-house beat underneath Cadence rapping about the extent to which content and internet culture has invaded our day-to-day lives (“My computer / My solution / Easy access / For the user”). “I wanted to rap about tech companies and the physical impact they have on cities,” says Cadence. “One example is the ill-fated Sidewalk Labs project where Google attempted to build a neighborhood of the future in Toronto where garbage collection was automated and the taxis drove themselves. While that project failed, I find cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and London are basically already there. These tech-utopias have one thing in common: working people are typically made expendable and pushed to the margins.” The music video, directed by Colin Medley, Jared Raab, and internet artist Jason Harvey, features quick cuts between clips of social media and computer screen grabs, all reflecting Pemberton’s lyrics.

The hyperpop and electro-inspired production of ROLLERCOASTER is intended to replicate the internet’s “sensory overload.” With credits including the likes of Jacques Greene, Grandtheft, Bartees Strange, Machinedrum, Cecile Believe, Martyn Bootyspoon, Loraine James, Taydex, Wesley Singerman, myst milano, and Harrison, Pemberton has organized a combination of tried-and-true Canadian collaborators and “fellow Black weirdos,” as Pemberton puts it, to execute his vision. Despite its bleak portrait of today’s digital attention economy, ROLLERCOASTER still fits into a long lineage of Black electronic artists using music to forge Black futures. It goes hand-in-hand with his work outside of music, as he frequently uses his platform to shed light on musicians rights and financial realities. By illuminating the current issues of the world, Pemberton inspires others to join him in the fight for a better one.