The Mary Wallopers Shares “The Idler”

The Mary Wallopers have revealed a new track,”The Idler” from their forthcoming second album Irish Rock ’n’ Roll (out Friday, October 13). A timely folk song, the single carries a pertinent (and what should be universally given) message of acceptance in the face of daily injustices that have run down the ages. In its two and a half righteous minutes, “The Idler” calls out (among others) money grabbing landlords, the clergy, the taxman and petty-minded xenophobes.  It also marks one of three original Mary Wallopers compositions found on Irish Rock ’n’ Roll.

“The song was written in response to the scapegoating and vilification of ordinary people just doing what they need to do in order to keep struggling through life, rarely harming anyone,” shares The Mary Wallopers’ Sean McKenna.  “Meanwhile those in positions of power, the ones who often create or uphold such situations, are held in high esteem and regarded as pillars of the community. In essence it is a simple call to punch up, not down.” 

Irish Rock n’ Roll’s 13 tracks perfectly capture the chaos, humor and excitement of The Mary Wallopers’ live shows while at the same time showcasing the emotion of the traditional ballads that they play (both in songs passed down from previous generations and – for the first time on this record – their own songs that promise to be passed down to future generations).  Previous to today’s single they have shared “Wexford,” “The Holy Ground,” and “The Blarney Stone.” The upcoming album will mark the follow up to the band’s hugely acclaimed self-titled debut which was released last year. 

Photo Courtesy: Sorcha Frances Ryder