The Glitch Mob Share ‘Drink The Sea’ 10th Anniversary Reissue News

On December 4, The Glitch Mob – the Los Angeles-based trio consisting of Justin Boreta (Boreta), Ed Ma (edIT), and Joshua Mayer (Ooah) – will release Drink The Sea (10 Year Anniversary Edition), a fully remastered and expanded reissue of their landmark debut album, featuring rare remixes and unreleased tracks highly sought after by fans around the world, including “Black Aura (ft. Theophilus London).” Starting today, fans will also be able to order the highly sought after Drink The Sea vinyl (in a limited edition of 500 on 180 gram silver and black double vinyl) and order items from the first-ever Drink The Sea merch line.

Drink The Sea isn’t just The Glitch Mob’s first album, it is arguably their most influential. It marked the launch of their own label Glass Air Records, their debut on the Coachella stage, and their introduction to a new legion of fans, eventually generating over 640 million streams and over 100,000 album sales. In the subsequent decade, the band has toured the world, written and performed the theme song for the 2018 League of Legends World Championship for a global audience of tens of millions, and released two additional full-length albums – Love Death Immortality (2014) and See Without Eyes (2018) – which debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Electronic and Independent Albums charts. 

The Glitch Mob’s Boreta recalls the early days of the Drink The Sea phenomenon: “After [the album] sat with people for a while, something unexpected happened. People who were dealing with difficult issues started to write and tell us that the music was helping them. That it was the soundtrack to them falling in love, or getting through a breakup. It helped people cope with dark times, in the same way it had helped us. These notes became the lifeblood of our creativity. Not only did it put our own problems in perspective, but the music connected us to something much larger than ourselves. We had the greatest honor of our lives — to be there for someone else.”

As The Glitch Mob reflect on the release of Drink The Sea with ten years perspective, they’ve never been more hopeful for the future. Look for other new projects and releases from the band in 2021.