The Glitch Mob’s Edward Ma Reintroduces edIT Project With Single

For over a decade, the Los Angeles producer Edward Ma has been laser-focused on his work with The Glitch Mob, the renowned electronic trio he co-founded in 2006. Now, with the three-piece’s stance as genre-defying music and technology pioneers firmly cemented, Ma makes a welcome return to his edIT solo anthology with a new album, Come To Grips, out February 26th on his newly-minted label Know Truth No Lie. 

Lead single “That’s Me Baby,” out today, picks up right where edIT left off with his seminal album Crying over Pros for No Reason (2004) and Certified Air Raid Material (2007) – with its icy, unnervingly seductive vocal samples and hip-hop-steeped production. 

After a year of cancelled travel and tours, immense racial injustice and solitude in quarantine; edIT pushes these dark and distant universal feelings to the forefront. The songs serve as reminders that once we begin to heal and process we can take our first steps forward again. “It encompasses an isolated sound, feeling, and emotion,” says edIT. “The feeling of being alone, being a little hopeless, but at the end of the day… knowing that there’s still so much to be hopeful for. We’re all coming to grips with the current state of the world.”

An astute producer and hip-hop fan, Ma’s propensity for DJing and producing in earnest dates back nearly two decades. In the late 90’s he produced for rappers such as Busdriver, Aloe Blacc, and Sole while holding a residency at Konkrete Jungle, where he embraced his love for drum ‘n’ bass. Come 2004, Ma released his debut solo album, Crying over Pros for No Reason, on influential UK label Planet Mu, and merged his love for hip-hop and drum ‘n’ bass into a collection of brooding and bustling electronic music unlike anything before. 

edIT has also announced a limited edition vinyl release for Come To Grips (limited to 750 pressings) as well as a limited edition long sleeve tee. Pre-order HERE

Come To Grips follows a busy 2020 for Ma’s trio the The Glitch Mob who recently released a fully remastered and expanded edition of their album Drink The Seacelebrating the album’s 10th-anniversary. Since its release, Drink The Sea has gathered more than 640 million streams, led to the band’s Coachella debut, two subsequent No. 1 albums and opened them up to a new legion of fans around the world.