The Ghost Is Clear Shares ’24 Sampler, including “Light Em Up” By Ils

Today, Kansas City-based heavy, noise rock label The Ghost Is Clear Records released its 2024 sampler. It unveils several of the label’s next moves, including the soft announcement of new LPs from Yellfire, American Motors, Abandoncy, Nowhere, Mercy Ties, and Canyons.

Ils kick it off with a brand new scorcher, “Light Em UP” from their forthcoming To End is To Begin LP. “Light Em Up” is not just a sonic explosion but also a deep dive into the collective minds of ILS. Tom, the lyricist, succinctly captures the essence of the song saying, “The song is about blowing shit up,” channeling the explosive energy into a narrative of chaos and destruction.

Nate, the guitarist, pays homage with a nod to the band Rye Coalition, infusing the verses with elements that resonate with fans of the genre. Meanwhile, Tim, the drummer, reflects on the songwriting process as a lesson in restraint; the verses are crafted with deliberate minimalism to make the choruses deliver a harder, more impactful punch.

Adding to the track’s distinctive style, bassist Adam describes “Light Em Up” as “disaster chic rock that bangs like the Hawk Tuah girl on the fourth of July.” This third song release from the album “ILS-To End Is To Begin” is part of a strategic rollout leading to the full album, which is set to ship in September, continuing to build excitement and anticipation among fans. Order it here.

Additionally, the Yellfire song comes from upcoming LP, Dear Gods, and there is also a first look at the J. Robbins engineered debut from American Motors that drops late Summer via TGIC and Expert Work Records. Abandoncy offer a new song from Assailable/Agonism coming via TGIC / Learning Curve / Vina Records. Don’t miss a taste of the Nowhere LP, or miss that Mercy Ties are back with a new LP.

Finally, Canyons are gearing up for a rerecorded One Man’s Trash for a vinyl release.

Check it all out here.

Ils photo by James Rexroad.