The Accidentals & Kaboom Collective Share Stunning New Single “Mangrove”

Nashville-based, female-fronted, critically-acclaimed trio The Accidentals and the Cleveland-based Kaboom Collective Studio Orchestra have released “Mangrove,” the latest stunner from their forthcoming collaborative album, Reimagined, set for release on July 29th.

“Kaboom Collective was honored to work with The Accidentals to arrange, perform, and record a new version of ‘Mangrove’ with full orchestra, adding a magical dimension to this already dreamy song that fans love,” says Kaboom Collective co-founder Joe Weagraff. “Liam Cummins, a student on the Kaboom Composition Team, arranged the piece with The Accidentals. He amplified the playfulness and layers within ‘Mangrove’ that make it special…its whimsical, atmospheric, and positive vibe reflects the mission of our group and our partnership with The Accidentals.” “Mangrove” follows the release of “Lady Of Lake,” the lead single from Reimagined.

After 10 years as a band, multiple major and indie label deals, and touring over a thousand live shows and festivals, The Accidentals started their own non-profit called Play It Forward Again and Again to provide opportunities for students to experience the inspiration that launched their careers.

Kaboom Collective, co-founded by Joe Weagraff and Liza Grossman, gives students the opportunity to receive cutting-edge music education. The 40-member Kaboom Collective Studio Orchestra is a Hollywood-style ensemble comprised of students that compose, score, perform, and record music for various projects. As the only production-based programming in the country, they create musical beds for everything from video game soundtracks to studio albums; from animation scores to live performances, students in the Studio Orchestra work closely with each other and a team of professional musicians, educators, and producers to bring new works and productions to life.  

Buist and Larson met Grossman, the Conductor and Director of the Studio Orchestra, when she reached out about recording one of The Accidentals’ songs with the orchestra. That process allowed Buist and Larson to work with an orchestra on a completely new level. “Liza was one of the most inspirational teachers we have had the pleasure of working with,” says Buist. “We learned more from her in a week than in any classroom we have been in.” 

Collaborating with Kaboom was a no-brainer: their missions of music education and empowerment aligned. The Accidentals have a repertoire of cinematic music well-suited to be reimagined with a full orchestra. They provided basic tracks and Grossman’s students scored, arranged, and recorded 11 Accidentals songs alongside industry professionals who guided their creation in a supportive, encouraging way. 

With the Reimagined collaboration, the students are gaining hands-on experience with recording, tour management, sound engineering, merchandising, stage crew skills, hospitality, promotion, marketing, press, and more.