The 1984 Draft Shares “Erryday”

Channeling American rock sensibilities through a ’90s-tinted indie punk lens, The 1984 Draft, is set to release its sophomore LP, Best Friends Forever (Poptek/Sell The Heart Records), on January 20, 2023, Today the band shares the second single “Erryday” off the forthcoming release.

Best Friends Forever was recorded by Fred Vahldiek (Dark Backward) at his Fredzoz studio in the band’s hometown of Dayton, Ohio, and mastered by Chris Common (Mastodon, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Le Butcherretes). The album features contributions from Susie Ulhrey (Pohgoh), Todd Farrell Jr. (Benchmarks, Two Cow Garage), Sean Gardner (Denovo, Kopaz, The Receiver), and Cherry Fullam.

According to vocalist/guitarist Joe Anderl, Best Friends Forever continues to tell the story laid out on Makes Good Choices. “I’m still writing songs about my family and life in general. This is my photo album of a period of time in my life. My kids continue to grow; I continue to evolve, and the world continues to be a mess. I think we cover a little bit of all of that on this record.”

One such cut is “Erryday,” which Anderl says “is fully about the monotony of adult work life. When you are young, it is so exciting to take on new projects and see opportunities for growth. As you grow older and longer-tenured, some days just feel like Groundhog’s Day. That said, each day still brings new hope.

“It is really just a personal observation of how it seems like time slows down in your midlife,” he explains. “Some days it feels like you are selling your soul to work, but with each dawn, there is hope for change and growth. I actually like my day job, but this idea still creeps in from time to time.”