Sulu And Excelsior Share "Up To You"

The soulfulness of Sulu and Excelsior will be what envelops you initially but then it’s the groove that will have your head nodding along with the track, or have you shaking that ass. Multi-instrumentalist Steve Mallorca cut his teeth as part of the New York City collective P.I.C., a group that moves to the beat of its own…horns. P.I.C. does to Funk and Hip Hop what other groups have done to other styles of music they’re a part of; creating sub-genres. Mallorca isn’t only a musician but also a talented filmmaker (Slow Jam King comes to mind) and was in the process of writing songs for a new film project when the musical urge grabbed hold of him again and he decided to expand on it further. The end result would become Sulu and Excelsior’s forthcoming album Eddie Romero, releasing on October 14th, 2016, where we’ll all hear more of the same, which will force listeners to hit that repeat button over and over again.

Sulu and Excelsior builds on the genre-bending hip-hop of Mallorca’s work with P.I.C, and he takes it further into hyphenated musical territory, playing all the instruments and vocal performances with nods to influences that span 40s and 50s crooning, 60s and 70s soul, and 80s and 90s hip-hop.