Video Premiere: Sulu And Excelsior “My Own Volition”

Sulu And Excelsior is the brainchild of one Steven Mallorca, an east coast staple and NYC musician & filmmaker. Last year the group dropped its sophomore release The Antimatter Suite, an album filled with nostalgia yet firmly footed and rooted in 2020. The music album is riddled with anthemic dance grooves and party vibes with political nods and optimism.

As we move through the thickness of the year of disease, killer insects, and declassified UFO files, Sulu And Excelsior shrugs it off shoulders and keeps jamming. The band shares the new video for the lead track off the album, “My Own Volition,” which is filled with aerodynamic imagery wrapped around the catchy horn-filled melodies where Mallorca does things…his own way.

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