STRFKR Shares Single "Budapest (feat. Shy Boys)"

STRFKR originally reported its new album, Future Past Life, was to be released today but sometimes things don’t go as planned. The release date was scrapped TBD. In lieu of it, the band has been sharing singles and today offers up “Budapest” which features the Shy Boys. Of the single, STRFKR’s Josh Hodges offers:

During the process of recording “Budapest,” I was really into harmonies but wrote too many for the song. I actually had to go back and delete a lot of them once it ended up being like, you know… an entire choir of me singing “Ahhs” underneath stuff – that was probably unnecessary, but I really liked the kind of Gregorian-esque harmonies that I came up with.

So when I showed this song to Mike Nolte (who mastered the song), he suggested we ask Shy Boys to do it, since that’s kind of their thing. I’ve been a fan of them since I heard that first record, so I was excited about the idea of course, but I didn’t know if they would be able to (or even want to) do it, since I knew they were also working on their new record at the time… but we asked and they did it. 

When I got that session back from them I couldn’t believe how good it sounded. Their voices are so angelic and it sounded so much better with them doing it. It really made the song feel extra special to me. 
– Josh Hodges