Starving Wolves Share Single “Mixed Blood”

Starving Wolves has released their second single “Mixed Blood” – the raw and deeply personal track for frontman David Rodriguez that evokes a complicated sense of self-identity. Like their first single “Please Listen,” the new single will donate all proceeds to charity.

Specifically, the charity involved in this single is called the 4KINSHIP Diné Skate Garden Project. The Diné Skate Garden is a part of the Navajo nation located in the Two Grey Hills chapter that serves the Toadlena or rather “Tóhaaliní” (Where the Water flows Out) community by providing a skatepark and equipment to indigenous youth in remote communities. Additionally, the charity recently put on an all-female skate competition to help foster skateboarding among young girls.

”Mixed Blood” is a track that encapsulates frontman David Rodriguez’s personal identity crisis as he contemplates the meaning behind being of American and Mexican descent. This conflict started at an early age as he experienced bullying and trauma related to his heritage. Rodriguez explains: “I remember being called half-breed and not really being accepted by either group. It leaves you feeling very alone and lost. However, as you grow up, you find out who you are and realize we don’t need any approval from anyone, we choose how to live and accept who we are.”