Top Ten of 2017: Timo Ellis of Netherlands

Brooklyn psych/pop/metal experience Netherlands will release their new EP Hope Porn, in early 2018 on Records and Tapes Records. Netherlands frontman Timo Ellis has spent 20+ years in the New York scene and his past efforts have included collabs with Yoko Ono, John Zorn, and Cibo Matto.
With the Hope Porn EP, Ellis has also launched a video series called Shame Party, which sees him conducting surreal, minute-long interviews with notable musicians and friends (including members of Antony and the Johnsons, Mutilation Rites, and more) can be viewed here:
Ghettoblaster recently caught up with Ellis who ran down his favorite releases of 2017. This is what he told us.

Masterful, varied, soulful as hell. patient and super satisfying.
COUCH SLUT, Contempt
Deeply punishing, fun, ultra sharp, and totally fat free.
Miho has a harmonic and atmospheric sense all her own; plus she’s funky as hell.
PERIOD BOMB, Genders In Space (super illegal demo tape)
A total vibe. space fuck punk, funner than shit. Also, not fun. Sweet!
YOINK, Yankee Oscar India November Kilo
These guys are fucking ridiculous- next level skills, yet still artful/punk/shaggy- totally rad.
NOVELLER, A Pink Sunset For No One
Straight cinema, here; Sarah’s shit is both simple and complicated, and always goes deeeeep.
MORTIFERUM, Altar of Decay
Palpably vicious grind-y death/ doom! Grimy and solid.
Master Richard D. James can do no wrong, for me; I eat any/all his shit up like a heavily stoned pre-teen with the munchies.
NOAM PIKELNY, Universal Favorite
Noam (of Punch Brothers) is arguably the greatest banjo player that has ever lived. plus he’s massively soulful, understated, and drily fucking hilarious. this record is minimal and unequivocally gorgeous, IMO.
I mean…why CAN’T I hype my own upcoming release in this context?!?! Our new six song EP, out Feb. 2018 is gonna blow the fucking LID off of shit!! Fun, foreboding…and often just flat out mean. NETHrock FOREVERRRRRRRR!