Top Ten of 2017: Nick Hamby of The Raging Nathans, Sok and Big Wooly

Dayton, Ohio punk multi-instrumentalist Nick Hamby has had a busy year. In addition to his band, The Raging Nathans, releasing a split 7″ with Rad Company (via Rad Girlfriend records), playing FEST, and mean tweeting Donald Trump and Beach Slang, he has also been holding it down with his bands Sok and Big Wooly on a more regional/local level.
Ghettoblaster recently caught up with Hamby to get a rundown of his favorites of 2017.
My 2017 top 10, in no particular order. 
1. Burger King’s Mac & Cheetos
2. Having a gym membership and not going to the gym. 
3. Getting drunk and talking about Rancid. 
4. Superchunk at FEST. 
5. Getting my very first tattoo at 31 years old. 
6. Constant existential crisis. 
7. Stranger Things 2.
8. Paying for parking.
9. Looking yourself in the mirror and telling yourself “Fuck you.”
10. The new Against Me album, which actually came out in 2016.