The Jazz June, C. Wright’s Parlour Tricks featured on Sound Check Chat podcast

The Jazz June (photo by Mike O'Shea)

The Jazz June (photo by Mike O’Shea)

The Sound Check Chat podcasts with Andrew Low of The Jazz June and Christopher Wright of C. Wright’s Parlour Tricks went live on Friday, June 13 via iTunes and Stitcher.  The podcasts are sponsored by Topshelf Records.
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Christopher Wright – C. Wright’s Parlour Tricks | Band’s Approach | Latest EP | Music Science | Sound Check Chat
Andrew Low – The Jazz June | Good Old Days | New Material | Sound Check Chat
On March 15, 2014, the podcast launched via iTunes, as well as at the Sound Check Chat website (  Previous podcasts included interviews with one-half of Insane Clown Posse, Violent J, JT of Hawthorne Heights, Grieves, Drew of Circle Takes The Square, Joe and Justin of The 1984 Draft, and Andy of Buffalo Killers.
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In addition to the podcast, Sound Check Chat provides a show notes page providing background behind the podcast and artists covered, as well as links to topics discussed on the show.
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