Patience Is A Virtue; An interview with Soft Pyramids

With their sophomore effort, Soft Pyramids abandon the clever, and head straight for the source. A collaboration of five Boston-area musicians, many of the songs on Planes, which was self-released in October, were born in the first minutes of rehearsal while the amps were just being turned on. Instead of tight arrangements, it’s the hypnotic grooves that carry this record. Planes’ songs reflect the shaky transitional period between keg parties and dinner parties, waiting on your time to come but watching it slip away.
The bulk of the album was recorded live in the band’s rehearsal/studio space The Napoleon Complex, located in Somerville Massachusetts. Tracked together in the same small room, studio magic was rejected in favor of a raw, organic feel. Planes is a tequila-fueled misadventure, the perfect companion on your way back home.
Soft Pyramids are Dwight Hutchenson (guitar, lead vocals). Shaun Curran (Bass, vocals), John Christensen (guitar), Matthew Glover (drums), and new member Aaron Spransy (keys, vocals). Since forming in 2010 the band has released an EP, several singles and in 2014 they released their debut LP Fossils of the Free World. Planes was recorded and mixed by bass player Shaun Curran and mastered by Nick Z at New Alliance East.
Ghettoblaster caught up with the band to discuss the record and this is what they said about it.
When did you first begin writing the material for the Planes?  
We never really stop writing, so it was right after the last record came out. So, about two years ago.
This is your first release since 2014’s Fossils Of The Free World. How do you feel you’ve progressed as a band?
I think we became more patient as songwriters. We tried to find grooves and stick with them, instead of having lots of changes and tight arrangements. We also got better at creating sounds in the studio, so the recording process was a lot more spontaneous and creative.
You’re based in the musically rich Boston. Are there any Boston bands that were influences on you?
Well I’m a big Modern Lovers fan, and there’s definitely been loads of great bands to come from Boston, but I’m not sure there are any we’d call direct influences. Most of us are transplants anyway, so we pull from all over.
The first two songs released on the record (“Paper Houses”, “Planes”) are both quite visual. Do you guys have any plans of making any videos for the record?
Thanks, yeah we have some concepts we’ve been kicking around, but haven’t made any videos yet. If we can get one together, it won’t be until after the record comes out.
Do you have any plans for a U.S. tour? 
No big tours on the horizon, but we’ve got some northeast dates in the works.
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