Musical Therapy; An interview with Ruben Gallego of Ssupertasterr

Philadelphia-based multi-instrumentalist Ruben Gallego is the type of musician whose talent crosses genres and obliterates expectations. One need look no further than his considerable resume to see this; Beach Slang, Abusive Language, Flatbush Zombies, Little Strike, etc. His contributions to the musical landscape are consistent, creative and considerable.
As of late, Gallego has also been producing music as Ssupertasterr, a vanity project that treads lo-fi rock and shoegazer territory in surefooted ways. Ghettoblaster caught up with Gallego to discuss the project and this is what he told us.

When did you begin making music as Ssupertasterr and what inspired you to do that?

I think I started writing this material September of 2016. I wanted to do something where I had full creative control. I felt like I had seen other people’s process for songwriting and thought I might be able to do it better or at least to my own liking.
How do you describe the project to people who’ve not heard it?
I describe it as lo-fi bedroom pop for manic people who drink too much coffee, overthink everything and have panic attacks regularly.

You released an My Bloody Valentine cover pretty early on. Are they an inspiration? What are your other predominant inspirations?
I do love MBV but to be completely honest that song was for a girl. The line, “and turn your long blonde hair” reminded me of someone I’d missed and made it for them on Valentine’s Day. I sent it to them, but they probably had no clue it was FOR them. I have a pretty wide range of influences and it varies from week to week lately I’ve been listening to some early EODM, Blur, and Television.
What are you working on an EP or LP or just releasing singles as you finish them?
At the moment I’m finishing up my side of a split EP with the band Pleaser from Florida. They’re amazing and I’m so psyched to be working with them. Afterward I’d like to release a full length hopefully with a cool label, wink.
Have you gotten much feedback yet? What has that been like?
Strangely enough I’ve gotten quite a bit of play on YouTube. Some songwriter friends have said some pretty kind things that meant a lot to me but honestly no not really. I guess I haven’t been pushing it too much yet.
Do you ever have plans to bring others into the Ssupertasterr fold?
I’d like to play these songs with a band definitely but only for performances. Ultimately I want to be selfish with this project.
Do you have plans to debut the project live?
I’d like to play some shows maybe do some touring in the near future. Right now I’m just trying to piece together my favorite of the songs into a cohesive album.
You are involved in a number of other projects too, right? What are those?
I play drums in Abusive Language and Little Strike. I also do studio work for a few notable NY hip hop groups in my spare time.
What are your loftiest goals for Ssupertasterr?
At the moment my loftiest goal is to get in front of a crowd and front a band for the first time in my life. Then maybe to find a good therapist.
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