Clear Progressive Thought; An interview with Mike Hill of Tombs

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Tombs was formed circa 2008 by Anodyne guitarist and vocalist Mike Hill. The band create black metal influenced music that is guided by Hill’s own unique interpretation that also combines elements of death metal, goth, and shoegaze. It is intense, testosterone-infused music that is both laser focused and punishing.
Ghettoblaster recently caught up with Hill to discuss the band, the addition of a synth player, their forthcoming LP and his love for coffee. This is what he said.
Since we last spoke Tombs has seen a lot of changes.  One such change is the addition of a synth player.  How did that come about?
I had been playing around with the idea of drafting a synth player for a long time. Fade [Kainer] and I were playing in a side project so it made sense for him to join the band.
How do you think the band dynamic has changed and evolved under the current lineup?
It’s mostly the same: I write the music and lyrics and the band works it out in practice.
We’re you making a prediction with All Empires Fall given the current political climate?  How are you feeling about the country’s new leadership?
No, the EP and title were written long before any of this was a reality. I’m embarrassed by the stupidity of the American people. Never before has there been such a travesty of an election. With that said, I consider all of this to be a challenge to continue on the path of clear progressive thought in the face of ignorance.
What specifically was inspiring the EP and how did it come together?
Honestly, this EP is old news. We’re recording a new LP in January and writing that that has taken all of my focus.
How involved are you in the development of art related to the band, to include t-shirts and album covers?  All seem to fall in line with the distinct direction of the band?
We chose artists to work with based on whether or not we click with them creatively. Thomas Hooper has been involved with the band since its inception and he will continue to be part of the process on the new LP. Valnoir was someone who came into the fold through our brothers in Black Anvil. Valnoir created the artwork for All Empires Fall, as well as a large part of the merch design.
I saw that Savage Gold coffee has hit shelves.  What is this undertaking all about?
I love coffee. I’ve always wanted to be involved in the coffee business and this is my way of bringing my version of coffee to the people.
Are you playing material from across the band’s discography during this outing?
Not really. We’re playing some new material as well as a couple of older songs.
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