Wilson's Reservoir Shares Single "Two Rights"

Wilson’s Reservoir have released the single “Two Rights”, coming off their latest The Last Will and Testament of Buck Baker.

Taking their name after an actual reservoir in Georgia, the indie-tinged rock music that Wilson’s Reservoir delivers is filled with soul and emotion-a staple that follows primary songwriter Ben Wilson and his family legacy.
The Last Will and Testament of Buck Baker is a concept record rooted in the echoes of that rhythm of home. “Mom told me of Great Grampa Buck Baker” says Wilson, “a vaudevillian known to entertain John Dillinger in the Kokomo, IN, area. Writing these songs, I imagined Buck singing them. He gave up my Grampa (Monte) after his wife passed away, when he was 3 months old. The record explores heartbreak, commitment or lack thereof, and warning future generations to not follow in one’s footprints. The final section of the record is Buck fighting with himself to find redemption. Yet he can’t escape his own nature, and by the end he’s back at his old ways. We all have a story. I met Buck once; yet his life has a lasting impact. Being a father I ask myself, what kind of legacy am I leaving behind?”
Recorded with Josh Antonuccio at 3 Elliot Studio in Athens, OH, The Last Will and Testament of Buck Baker features core band members Wilson (guitar, lead vocals), Andrew Martin (bass, backing vocals), Andrew Hauser (drums, percussion, backing vocal) and Rafael Chávez y Moreno (lead Guitar, keys, backing vocals) and guest musicians John Borchard (pedal steel), Ryan Brock (keyboard), Josh Antonuccio (piano, keyboard, guitar), and Alasha Al-Qudwah (strings.)
The Last Will and Testament of Buck Baker is set to be released November 18. To pre-order the album, click here.