Song Premiere | White Noise Maker, “Glass Piano”

Debuting last year with the experimental, melodic driven Enter Ghost, producer/songwriter Devin Moore’s project White Noise Maker quickly showcased a truly original experience.  The infusion of diversity within the music includes pop, roots, and rock.  White Noise Maker’s upcoming EP Next to Nothing boldly takes the next step forward.  Big melodic hooks, funky guitar riffs, sampled beats give listeners a toe-tapping, compelling journey.

Today White Noise Maker shares “Glass Piano,” a single that forges ahead with emotional conviction.  Wanting to relocate to a place with differing climates from Los Angeles, Moore traveled to Edmonds, Washington.  It was here in a small apartment bedroom that “Glads Piano” was written and recorded.

Moore said in regard to the track: “Although I bristle a bit at sounding like a helpless liberal arts major and/or a Wiki page, this song’s content sprung initially from one of Cervantes’s short stories that I stumbled on, whose main character suffered from a real psychiatric disorder called glass delusion where the sufferer believes that some part of them is actually made of glass. This led to the inevitable Google search where I came across a 19th century Bavarian princess who believed that she swallowed a glass piano when she was young, causing her to make various strange movements and sleeping arrangements to accommodate the supposedly ingested and growing instrument.

After digesting the “Princess and the Piano” story on a History Channel blog post, I thought this subject would serve as a nice veil/blurry backdrop to write about loving someone despite their flaws, and advancing the idea that the stereotypical idea of love might be a bit of a “glass delusion” in and of itself. If so, maybe love is more often concerned with finding someone who can endure one’s particularities (whatever those oddities are couldn’t be worse than dealing with someone who’s half-human/half-windshield).”

Moore, the Seattle-based producer/artist/songwriter is a veteran of many different facets of the music industry. He’s founded and fronted Florida based alt-rock band named bloom., and shared the stage with luminaries like Dinosaur Jr, Guided By Voices, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. 

With Next to Nothing, Moore’s goal was to craft a record that would delight and surprise himself upon future listens. “I wanted to make songs again that felt a little more personal to me, which I haven’t really done in years” he explains. By using the technology that now allows small teams of producers and creators to make sonically vibrant songs in their bedrooms, Moore was able to dive headfirst into the rabbit hole of his own creativity. The result is a record that will delight and surprise all those that choose to explore its nuances.

Photo Courtesy: Robin Davis