Song Premiere | Water Street, “Carolina”

Since the spring 2022 release of their LP All We Tried to Be, Blairstown, New Jersey sextuplet Water Street have been hard at work honing the eminently engaging brand of literary folk-tinged pop touring all throughout the Northeast. Melding sunny harmonies and a touch of alt-rock grit, the airy, up-tempo track reveals a new compositional depth and knack for lyrical cleverness. The ultra-catchy chorus combined with meticulously placed accent and flourish elevates the composition to radio-ready perfection.

Water Street has released their new single today, “Carolina”. Vocalist/guitarist Dave Paulson said on the single, “We wrote ‘Carolina’ with a friend of ours who recently went through the experience of someone close to them suddenly leaving one day unexpectedly. It’s a song about processing the immediate shock and new reality of someone who was so central to your life now not being a part of it at all. But we didn’t want the song to feel heavy or melancholic. We still wanted it to still feel upbeat, and celebratory in a way as if the song carrying on is symbolic of the singer moving on from that person. ‘This too shall pass;.”

Water Street began as the creative outlet of Paulson. Following the addition of drummer Connor Konecnik, they took the name Water Street as a nod to their roots; reflecting the close sense of community bonding them to their town, each other, and their work. The band released their full-length Waiting for Martin in 2016 and EP Dear You (2018) led to hundreds of performances, including a spot of the main stage of Bethlehem, PA’s Musikfest.

In 2022, the band celebrated the addition of Julia Aiello (vocals). Since then the band found themselves forming stronger ties with new members who are bringing fresh layers of melodic complexity and instrumentation to their sound. In the winter of 2023, the band welcomed the addition of bassist Brendon Gardner, guitarist Eddie Woodcock, and keyboardist Alex Kerssen.