Song Premiere | The Villaintinos, “Bitch”

“Bitch” is the third of four hard-driving singles by unsigned Columbus, Ohio band The Villaintinos. The song comes from their forthcoming EP, Come And Get It, which hits digital streaming platforms on October 20. Their new releases capture the energy of their live shows and expand their songwriting beyond their debut self-released and self-titled album.

Blazing through the venues of their live music scene, The Villaintinos create a unique adrenaline-loaded sonic punch, with echoes of inspiration from the early L.A. punk scene and rock legends like X, The Damned, and The Cult.  Their visceral live shows and tight, hook-driven songs grab hard while vocalist Leah Hanson simultaneously beguiles and bulldozes – luring the crowd in closer just before “showing ‘em a-little teeth.”

The Rolling Stones captured a hot and sleazy vibe with the epic Sticky Fingers in 1971. The Villaintinos loved the spirit of the song and knew they could arrange it a bit differently to fit in well with their live set.   

“We love The Stones and really wanted to make this song work for us,” guitarist Ted Novak says. “We swapped the funky swagger with some tight attack and summoning the sleaze from Mick, Leah really makes it howl.”

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Photo courtesy of The Villaintinos