Song Premiere | The Nervous Hex, “Positive Feedback Loop”

Spanning both coasts, The Nervous Hex is slated to release its self-titled four-song debut EP via Dead Stare on November 5th.  The collection of songs highlight the trio’s well seasoned DIY influences and blend a deeper sound.  For the writing of the EP, vocalist Ryan Traster said that the band has a particular sound they wanted to achieve.  “Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth said that Today by Galaxie 500 was ‘the guitar album of 1988.’  It made me want to take a stab at making the second-best guitar album of 1988.” Today, The Nervous Hex has dropped the single “Positive Feedback Loop.”

Of “Positive Feedback Loop,” the closing track on the EP, the band’s Dylan Shultz says, “Dead bored after another in a long line of disappointing nights out, I stumbled across a strange inverted chord that built into a hazy, driving progression which matched my frustration.

“The melody hit right, but the first lyrical swing was more of the same bummer stuff I’d been writing, so I asked myself, ‘why bother?’ The little thought experiment spun into me trying to encourage my younger self to try again after a big bad ole breakup. Long story short, can’t win if you don’t risk losing… again.”

Along with the pursuit of 1988’s guitar album silver medal per the Thurston / Galaxie quote above, the songs on The Nervous Hex EP also give off potent late 80s / early 90s, Hoboken / Yo La Tengo / Feelies vibes.

Or, as the band’s mix engineer Joe McGrath (Morrissey, Green Day, Velocity Girl) viscerally describes, “It feels like I missed the last PATH train, so I had to sleep in the Hoboken terminal.”