Song Premiere | Televangelist, “Content”

Televangelist has been providing the soundtrack to your ego death since 2017. Founded in Brooklyn, New York, but originally from Austin, Texas, artist Dorian Domi (who also plays in sludge/hardcore, experimental band Gang Stalker) is responsible for everything with this work: synth, guitar, bass, production, drums. 

Domi has played with genre-bending musicians in the past such as Death Grips, Yves Tumor, Machine Girl, and Show me the Body, and has worked with acclaimed composer/artists Paul Corley, Telefon Tel Aviv, and Kool Keith for this release. Televangelist has one previous release, Dreams 1-3, which is a 25 min ambient piece. With a life steeped in music, Dorian also co-organizes Oblivion Access, an underground music festival in ATX– all at only 21 years old.

Daydream Abraxas will be released November 19. It was recorded by Domi, mixed by Paul Corley (who has worked with Sigur Ros, Yves Tumor, Oneohtrix Point Never, Tim Hecker, Mykki Blanco, Prurient), and mastered by Joshua Eustis (Telefon Tel Aviv, worked with Nine Inch Nails, Maynard James Keenan, member of The Black Queen, Puscifer, A Perfect Circle). Preorder it here.

Daydream Abraxas is mostly instrumental, but the samples tell a story. The album is conceptually about the duality of man being most visible in mental illness and the idea that trauma causes psychosis. It was initially 350 songs, narrowed down to 11, that were made over the course of two years. Domi spent every hour of free time working on it and describes the album as “a void of time.”

He goes on to explain, “I believe the runtime feels like it distorts the deeper you listen. I’d also say that despite its harsh qualities, it’s a very pretty album.”

The influences for Daydream Abraxas include the Challenger disaster, Bosch paintings (the cover art for the album was created by Dorian and is a collage of both Bosch and the Challenger), Daniel Johnston, Videodrome, the study of the duality of man, Arvo Pärt, and J Dilla. Main musical influences are Beak, The Locust, and Arca.

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