Song Premiere: XIXIX, “Where We Started”

XIXIX – equivalent to the product of two and three; 6, repeated twice, is very pleased to announce that “Where We Started”, the new single from the forthcoming self-titled LP (out 10.15).  The mastermind behind XIXIX, Will Brown, says on the track:  “For better or worse, I spent a lot of time surrounded by people who looked at the world in radically different ways than I did, and I realized that the longer I stayed, the more they’d try to take parts of myself that are vital to my personality and make me think they’re a problem. This song is me taking ownership of who I am instead of feeling bad about being sincere.”

“Where We Started” is the pinnacle of Brown’s vision: introspective indie rock that also lends itself to esoteric dance music.  Splash some chillwave and country into the fold along with melancholy lyrics. 

Conceived in early 2020, XIXIX is the product of a longing for connection and healing in the midst of uncertainty, two ever-evolving themes in Brown’s life. Understanding that the best way out of something is always through it…and better done with others than alone… it is (ironically) the introspection, vulnerability, and authenticity of XIXIX’s music that creates a sense of transcendence and community to which listeners attach themselves.

Mixed by Grammy-winning mixer/producer Nick Vernhes (Animal Collective, War On Drugs, Deerhunter), the lush, synth-infused, genre-bending indie rock of XIXIX is eminently of the moment.  

Photo Courtesy: Sean Smith