Song Premiere: Wright Brothers, "My Bucketlist"

Growing up in the Park Hill neighborhood of Denver, Colorado, brothers Jahmar and Dio Wright were surrounded by music from the jump. Their grandma’s house was ground zero for music, dancing and creating. The Wright Brothers earliest memories are of dance parties with flashing DJ lights cutting the smoky air. And their uncle’s funk band was always laying it down in grandma’s basement.
The Wright Brothers have music in the blood. Their father played in a band with Earth, Wind and Fire’s Phil Bailey—at age six, Jahmar saw Earth, Wind, and Fire at McNichols Stadium in Denver, and it changed his life. The Brothers’ deepening love of funk soon found eight-year-old Jahmar and four-year-old Dio playing guitar and drums.
The Wright Brothers spent hours going through grandma’s records, listening to albums from artists like Michael Jackson, Prince and EWF, eventually recording themselves rhyming over the breaks of their favorite tracks. Dio took to carrying a notebook with him so he could write lyrics and poetry. One day, he was challenged to rhyme at a Mormon friend’s house—when he finished performing, his friend’s mother told him, “God gave you those words. It’s a gift. Remember that.” From that day on, those words were etched in Dio’s mind.
In 2007, they started making music as The Wright Brothers. Jahmar bringing his love of funk, and Dio influences like Lil Wayne and Tupac. The music was a hobby until recently, when tragedy struck—one of their biggest fans, their cousin Dwayne, was murdered in front of Grandma’s house trying to stop an argument. His memory fuels their work and their dream to continue life as a musical family, spreading their message far and wide as The Wright Brothers.
Today, Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of sharing Wright Brothers’ single for “My Bucketlist,” from their Listen To My Tape album that drops July 8.

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