Song Premiere: Wood River, "The Procrastinator"

Multi-instrumentalist and composer Charlotte Greve, along with her Wood River quartet, works diligently to blur the lines of stamping themselves into a certain genre.  The thinking is that, why restrict yourself when the main focus should be making good music that people will love. 

Out February 28 on Enja’s Yellowbird Records imprint, Wood River’s More Than I Can See highlights their genre-bending collection of work to soaring heights.  Today, Wood River has released one of the singles coming off of the new album “The Procrastinator”.  During the duration of the song, the ensemble presents an outpouring of influence that channels from jazz-rock to art-pop. 

“This is one of the danciest songs I’ve written so far and it was kind of the starting point of a more pop-influenced songwriting process for me,” says Greve”. “Although it doesn’t have lyrics, it’s a song about myself and the phenomenon of procrastination. Both of these images, the dancy- ness and the melancholy and stupidity of procrastinating on important things in life are reflected in the video by both moments of vulnerability and repetition of the same patterns.”

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