Song Premiere: Tired All The Time “The Board”

After some starts and stops, From the depts of our nation’s capital, Tired All The Time (TATT) returns. If you’re not familiar with the music by the band itself, the Washington, DC-based group has previously released two E.P.’s, 2017’s Please Stop and 2018’s Be Well. While the band has been musically silent for a few years, they’ve moved from previously performing and recording as a quartet to a trio format. Still present are Edward Barakauskas: Chief Operations Officer (DRUMS), M. Richard Talley: Lead Executive Strategist (VOCALS/SYNTHESIZER), and Brian Miller: Head of Research and Development (BASS GUITAR). The band may have been silent for some time but Tired All The Time is far from exhausted.

The band has shared “The Board,” the group’s first release as a 3-piece. While the single was completed remotely, the band modified the track together in-person safely in compliance with recommended CDC safety protocols. Everyone should welcome TATT with open arms, not just for the deafening levels of scrumptious melodies, but for the band’s directness. The song itself holds tightly to a rhythm that’s difficult to let go of as the band capitalizes on the song’s infectiousness.

Of the song, the band offers this: “The Board” is one of the first songs we wrote after reforming as a trio but also one of the easiest to write. The song was based on a jam over the initial distorted organ riff and writing for it began that very same practice. Getting the bass and keyboards to fill out the sound was first and foremost in our minds and after nailing down the verse and chorus, we kept finding that less was more and that everything we tried to add or embellish only took something away from the thick sound we were going for. We had joked around about the idea of classifying ourselves as “doom pop” in the past and this very much felt like an honest attempt at it. This is also something we attempted to emphasize lyrically with the song offering a series of choices and then explaining why each one won’t really work out. We finished it shortly before our first tour as a trio (which was just before lockdown) so we were quite happy to be able to bring something heavier in our new live formation.

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