Song Premiere: Terminally Phil, “Another Jam”

Terminally Phil is the pandemic-born project of Athens, Georgia artist and musician, Phillip Brantley. As a founding member of Athens sweethearts Modern Skirts, he spent nearly a decade on the road, learning to appreciate the mindlessness of long drives and cultivating a distaste for the grossly insipid nature of the music industry. More recently, he released music with his grunge-leaning band Palace Doctor, while touring with the likes of Billy Idol.

Terminally Phil’s debut record is already recorded and will be released in the Fall of this year. Melody and vibe are paramount in the songs of Terminally Phil and will appeal to fans of Beck, White Fence and Jeffy Tweedy.

Today, Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of sharing “Another Jam.” This is what Brantley said about it:

Jagged Little Phil is a batch of songs written in the past two months and recorded at home to my iPhone. It is the second in a trilogy of EPs to be released leading up to the release of Terminally Phil’s debut LP this Fall. Another Jam’ is written from the point of view of an over-confident, over-amorous person who frequently gets themselves into relationships that aren’t necessarily healthy for them. I’ve recently been drawn to incorporating talk-singy, spoken word moments into my songs that I never would have attempted in the past. It’s a good way to let folks know that you don’t take yourself too seriously. Much like naming your EP Jagged Little Phil.”

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