Song Premiere: Sylvia Black, "Only Lovers"

Sylvia Black is a lot of things: vocalist/songwriter/musician/performer/producer. One of her strongest attributes is her creative femme fatale approach to music.  The influences of punk, jazz, new-wave, and metal slowly consume you into a web of sound that’s hard to escape.  

Black has been relatively busy these days.  Fans of the Netflix series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina have for sure heard the singer’s rendition of “I Put A Spell On You” on the premiere episode.  She has been performing at her Friday night residency at the Roxy Hotel in NYC.  On October 18, Black will release her latest effort Twilight Animals’ (Originals and Covers for Tortured Lovers).  The twelve song album explores the musical taste that Black has accumulated over the years all while keeping the atmosphere mysterious and haunting.

Today, Black has dropped the latest single off of Twilight titled “Only Lovers.”  “In our less sober moments, when my engineer, Rudyard Lee Cullers, told me it was terrible, I re-wrote the song on the spot, stream of consciousness style, lyrically and melodically. It became simpler and more concise,” Black says.  “It was only after it was recorded that the lyrics started to make sense to me. I then discovered Only Lovers Left Alive was already a title for a Jim Jarmusch film that I had never seen or known about. Interesting coincidence that both the song and film are about vampires (or blood loving predators).”

According the Black, the lyrics for “Only Lovers” then fueled the cover art for the new album.  The odd flora, known as ‘Hooker’s Lips’  are part of Sylvia’s current obsession along with strange tropical plant life that you will see more of in the teaser video for the same song. The full length version will be available in all streaming platforms tomorrow.

Only Lovers is produced, performed, and arranged by Sylvia Black. Recorded, engineered, and mixed by Rudyard Lee Cullers at home in Hollywood, CA. Mastered by Joe Lambert.