Song Premiere: Summer Dennis, “Video Game”, “Broke Shit”

Classical trained, Summer Dennis commands your attention with her dynamic vocal range. When the influences of rock, R&B, latin, pop and reggae come into the fold, Dennis only becomes one of the strongest performers to date and someone that you can’t miss out on. Today, Dennis drops two singles, “Broke Shit” and “Video Game.”

With “Broke Shit,” Dennis drops steady yet cool R&B beat. “Video Game” starts off with an 8-bit loop that blends in with smooth instrumentals afterwards. Both singles contain a common strength in femininity and an unwillingness to bend under no circumstances.

Here’s Dennis talking about “Video Game:” “I was definitely a video game kid. Actually I’m a video game adult! My dad was really into comic books and he’s a computer genius so he had me on video games really early. We were in the studio one day and i was like “i really want to make a song for the blerds like me”… so we just decided to do it. The video has me cosplaying 2 of my favorite characters. Storm from Xmen, and Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim and the world, and some animation. It’s a song that compares a relationship to a game; discussing how the boyfriend is behaving badly, “playing me like a video game” 

Here’s Dennis on “Broke Shit”: “Broke Shit:” “This song is a call to men to leave that “broke shit” over there. This is a song for all my ladies who have a certain kind of taste and will not tolerate any less. A lot of people seem to be frustrated by women who demand finer things and stability from their relationship situations, but this song celebrates a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to announce it.  Being a Successful single woman is always a good time and there is no shame in demanding that your company not only keep up with your good time, but also bring some more good time with them!”