Song Premiere: Strawberry Tapes (Andy Gabbard), "Strawberry Tapes"

From Grape Whizzer to Strawberry Tapes, Andy Gabbard is back with a new flavor under a new pseudonym for “Vol. 1” – set for release by Howler Hill Farm on this year’s Cassette Store Day, October 13.
Having a catalogue of releases that reaches back to the late ’90s with Thee Shams and the longstanding Buffalo Killers, the slowing down of his other projects didn’t taper Gabbard’s creative output. Literally and figuratively retreating back to bedroom pop, his solo releases draw far and wide from a lifetime of record collecting, but remain anchored in his distinctive vocals and dreamy haze style of self-production.
Today, Ghettoblaster is excited to release the new project’s titular track “Strawberry Tapes.” If his Beach Boys covers merited a tweet from Brian Wilson a couple of years back, hopefully someone tells Michel Gondry and Ric Ocasek about this.

Photo: Shelly Hulce
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