Song Premiere: Soul Honey Records, “Sugar Melting In The Rain”

Led by Andrew Christopoulos and a few of his dearest friends, Soul Honey Records is a unit that is driven by those who are musicians, songwriters, producers, and engineers.  The group of visionaries have spent several days and nights crafting dynamic music in various studios, bedrooms, and attics.  Since 2019, Soul Honey Records live show has showcased a rotating lineup, elevating audiences to see the group that much more in the Chicago vicinity.  On July 11th this year, the highly collaborative and fluid EP Soul Honey Family Barbeque was released.  The record features over 20 Chicago artists, including members of Pivot Gang, iFight Dragons, Retirement Party, Friday Pilots Club, Late Nite Laundry, Strange Foliage, Blue Dream, Bullfights on Acid, Sir Mango, ZooFunkYou, Othersides, The Violet Suns, and more.

Today, Soul Honey has released their latest single “Sugar Melting In The Rain.”  Instrumentally, the band incorporates glimmering surf rock and indie pop within the youthful vocals.  Here’s Christopoulos on the song:  “I first wrote ‘Sugar Melting in the Rain’ in January 2016 during a week-long writing trip on a frozen Lake Wissota in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. This track was the first tune I recorded when I became a staff engineer at Sound Vault Studios. It features Sean Burke (Friday Pilots Club) on bass, guitar and backup vocals, Tommaso Veronesi (TOMMASO) on drums, cymbals and percussion, Inho Park (The Violet Suns) on additional vocals, and I’m playing a Wurlitzer and singing leads. I had been watching Quentin Tarantino’s movie True Romance a lot around that time, which certainly inspired the ‘Kung Fu movies’ lyric.”