Song Premiere: Sidney Lindner & The Silver Wildnerness Collection; "Who Are You When No One's Looking"

On September 13th, Americana/folk act Sidney Lindner & The Silver Wilderness Collection released their new album titled Summer Ghosts / Nightfalls.  As the story is told, Lindner and his friend Michael Yorgensen (Ike Hammond) were talking about setting up something that they work together on. As luck would have it, Yorgensen was given an opportunity to record music in the old New Hampshire church for a week. The backdrop of the church which featured some of the classic fixtures, stained glass windows, and overall ambiance propelled Lindner and company to have a wealth of influence that blooms in full when hearing the latest effort.

Having been inspired by Summer Ghosts / Nightfalls, director Ryan Prows filmed a three-part triptych.  The conclusion of this project has now been released, “Who You Are When No One’s Looking.” The brooding organ that accompanies Lindner’s emotional distressed vocals provides the perfect backdrop of the climactic ending of Prows work. Much in the way of the first two installments, “Who You Are When No One’s Looking” is bleak and distressing while filmed in black and white.

“Thank you for taking this strange little trip through the Sierras with us. I hope you enjoyed it and help spread the word on Sidney’s beautiful work far and wide,” Prows says. “I personally look forward to continuing the trek onwards into the exciting territories that Sidney’s music conjure to mind. Each project of Sidney Lindner’s is special. I hope he keeps them coming. I hope y’all are sitting shotgun with us on the next wild ride, too.”

Here’s the project in its entirety: