Song Premiere: Shane Reis & God.Damn.Chan "Say Nothing"

The west and east coasts moves in varying directions but while Shane Reis & God.Damn.Chan both share an affinity with Portland, Maine, the DJ in Chan has made the move to Los Angeles, establishing himself in the evolving landscape of LA’s beat making community. Both Shane and Chan have toured together in the past, becoming more familiar with one another. The stage was literally set for DJ and emcee to collaborate on a project with one another. God.Damn.Chan would provide the lush canvas with his beats filling out the backdrop to Shane’s dextrous lyricism.
The collaboration would lead the two to VEIB (pronounced VIBE), a 14-track opus that’s certainly set to put their contemporaries on notice. The duo premieres the new track “Say Nothing (feat. Kenya Hall & Eyenine),” a laidback number with a steady rhythm and impeccable flow. The background vocal play gives the track a sultriness that’s easily welcomed.

Shane Reis & God.Damn.Chan
The Order Label
Release Date: May 11, 2018
Track Listing
  1. Intro.
  2. BIG MOOD (interlude)
  3. IKnowUKnow
  4. Tell Somebody!
  5. TEAR YOUR $OUL APART (interlude)
  6. We Don’t Care
  7. Witches Brew (feat. Dez & Shameek The God)
  8. JonSnow (IWantIt)
  9. BURN YOUR DEAD (interlude)
  10. Drago
  11. Say Nothing (feat. Kenya Hall & Eyenine)
  12. OrangeCrushGroove [Aughtaknow] (feat. Dave Gutter)
  13. THE JUICE (interlude)
  14. TheVeibOfIt (feat. Dave Gutter & Ben Thompson)
Shane Reis

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