Song Premiere: Sammy Strittmatter, "Blind to Blue"

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Sammy Strittmatter is set to release his ambitious fourth full-length album, Get Out of the City, on Palo Santo Records on May 18. Strittmatter, who has recorded and produced all of his records, got help on this outing from producer/label co-founder Salim Nourallah (Old 97’s, Nicholas Altobelli, The Damnwells, Rhett Miller).
There is a cinematic majesty to Strittmatter’s thoughtfully constructed soundscapes that never makes the listener feel they are being rushed through a song. They lift, swell and heave like a hazy tide rolling in. Strittmatter plans to tour in support of Get Out of the City, with a residency planned in LA in May (see dates below).
Today, Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of premiering “Blind to Blue” from the album. This is what Strittmatter had to say about it:
“’Blind to Blue’ is a song I’ve been trying to fit on every album I’ve put out. I’ve always loved the overall mood and lyrics but felt something was missing. The lyrics over time kept their meaning and if anything gained new depth. The song explores the angles of unhealthy relationships, and how people can become possessive over each other.
“I decided to speed the song up when recording the final version; it began to flow more smoothly. The song always contained piano and acoustic guitar, but when I began layering the violins and cellos, I knew it was getting closer. We put the finishing touches on at Pleasantry Lane Studio. Salim Nourallah added a much-needed bass line, which right away inspired the drums I recorded for the song.
“There’s a lot of tension in the choruses, and I needed to find a way for there to be a release at the end. I actually had two more verses for this song but felt enough had already been said. I decided to keep the song ending instrumental, let it breathe, and allow the listener to explore their own mind. It’s a great song to drive to.“

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Residency dates:
5/8/18 Los Angeles, CA Hotel Cafe, stage 2 7 p.m.
5/15/18 Los Angeles, CA Hotel Cafe, stage 2 7 p.m.
5/22/18 Los Angeles, CA Hotel Cafe, stage 2 8 p.m.
5/29/18 Los Angeles, CA Hotel Cafe, stage 2 8 p.m.