Song Premiere: Saffronkeira, "Volition"

Man is proud of his conscious mind that sets him apart from animals and or this reason he fears the unconscious and is fascinated by it at the same time. Automatism refers to various forms of unconscious behavior such as the unconscious creation of art which sees its culmination in pictures created by generative adversarial networks, a particular kind of arti?cially intelligent systems that can create arti?cial images, sound or text which are indistinguishable from real or human-made creations.

Automatism is the latest album of Sardinian sound researcher Eugenio Caria, a concept album dealing with the eponymous subject. The albums of Caria’s project Saffronkeira have often dealt with aspects of the human mind. Automatism is partly a journey through the vastness of the unconscious and partly an unconscious creation itself. Skillfully adding together sound to sound and layer to layer, Caria manages to craft pieces of electronic music that invoke the feeling of endlessness without being ?amboyant. Still, every moment of this album feels invariably rich, and it becomes clear that every sound has passed a meticulous re?nement process, resulting in what is easily Saffronkeira’s most sophisticated work to date.

Today, Ghettoblaster is pleased to share, “Volition” from the album, which sees release on March 20 via Denovali. Enjoy it below: