Song Premiere: Safer "Sleepless Nights"

Mattie Safer is no stranger to the stage and its bright lights. He joined the already established NYC groove band The Rapture back in 1999, playing bass and sharing vocal duties. While the band garnered much critical success, 2011’s In The Grace Of Your Love was the band’s last official release, and in 2014 while no official statement was released, the band disbanded. The Rapture later reformed without Safer. But it’s not as if Safer’s entire life revolved around the band, as he plays bass and sings in Poolside, playing alongside San Francisco natives DJ Jeffrey Paradise and Filip Nikolic (Nikolic has since left the group) for a more chill vibe, and the group also includes Vito Roccoforte of the Rapture.

Like many others though, Mattie Safer isn’t bound or limited by others, releasing singles and EPs since 2016’s All We Are which was soaked with gorgeous R&B, soulful tunes that could make Luther Vandross blush. But Safer has dropped his first name for his new Sleepless Nights EP and today he premieres the last single, and title track, off the release. For the single, he funks things back up and grooves with all intention.

Of the single Mattie Safer shares:

“Sleepless Nights is the oldest song of the bunch, originally written for The Rapture’s Pieces Of The People We Love. It was a song that Ewan [Pearson] and Paul [Epworth, the producers of the album] loved, and we developed, but ultimately, because of internal politics, the record had to get set aside to avoid some hurt feelings. I tried it a few different ways over the years, but this is by far the best and my favorite version. It’s really just a song about being in love with something that you know is bad for you. You want to leave it behind, but you just can’t help yourself.”

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